Ted Fay Report : April 2, 2014

Back!! Barely!! After spending the trip of a life time in New Zealand for an extended period fishing and touring the North Island I managed to contract the flu from hell on my return flight ... planes, the breeding pit of every known disease to man. I've been hunkered in here in Dog Patch trying to shake this cursed bastard ... brings another perspective on you play you pay I guess. Hooked up with my pal, local guide and artist, Fred Gordon down there who spends his winters chasing NZ fish. I will not bore you with details of what is an amazing country and people nor the variety of hardly touched scenic rivers that hold big, powerful trout that just love to take you into your backing and test your skills. Rather enjoy a few of the shots and by all means get NZ on your bucket list ... and yes their coffee and pastries are sexy good.

Now to the state of things here. Since my last report 2 months ago we have finally had snow on the surrounding mountains and rain in Dog Patch. Not enough certainly to be a drought buster but things are shaping up better than last year. The Upper Sac is flowing at about 1500cfs which is normal for this time of year. It is big but fishable and worth a try. I heard from Bob here at the shop that there was periods of good fishing during my absence when river conditions were right. It is typical early spring now, snowed yesterday gone today and showers off and on. Have a couple of clients on the weekend, great weather is forecast next week, trout season officially begins April 26 with the McCloud River opening then ...it's all good mate. I will be making a preseason post in a couple of weeks so look for my dart board prognostications for the upcoming season.

Zen Thought of the Day ... Three fourths of the earth's surface is water and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn.

The Rangitikei River

NZ Style Drift Boat

Rangitikie Rainbow

Fred's NZ Bow

NZ Selfie

Fishing Middle Earth

New Zealand Pharmacy

Love NZ Style Coffeeeee

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : January 9, 2014

No rain, no snow, mild weather equals a surreal winter here in Dogpatch sans aortic vortex. The USac is very low for this time of year with Lake Siskiyou and Shasta Lake approaching record low levels. Well, that's all the whinning, it is Mother Nature and she is having her way. The USac continues to produce big fish for those who are getting out. A recent recon of the lower river rewarded me with a couple of "stonkers" .... that's Kiwi language for BIG fish. The baetis hatch is again sporadic but I am spotting sippers, big sippers, when it happens. Thus these days I recommend packing two rods just for this occasion ... one wet and one dry setup. These fish will test your stealth skills but it is a blast manning up to the challenge. Nymphing with "LBS" nymphs has been the ticket if the hatch is off. The entire river from Dunsmuir to Lakehead has been fishing good. See my 12/5 report for recommended bugs.

This Is Why I Carry The Big Net

20 in. PIG

Smile For The Camera

USac 17 in. Stonker

Rocky USac Bow

Is It Winter?

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : December 21, 2013

As 2013 winds down now concerns about drought become more of a topic. Just checkout this shot of Mt. Shasta and its lack of snow ... disturbing. Hopefully 2014 offers relief or we will be in a bunch of trouble next summer. The Upper Sac is running the same as it did at the end of the summer, around 210 cfs .... should be at least twice this. Right now though it has not hurt the fishing as shown below. As usual for this time of the year your best opportunity to get into fish is midday. The entire river has perked up since the recent cold snap and full moon and as is the case do not expect to catch big numbers of fish .... expect to catch BIG fish though. There are sporadic BWO hatches throughout the rivers length so be prepared for sippers using your favorite baetis imitations in sizes 16-20 .... otherwise nymphing is the primary game. You also might consider a stimie/dropper which seems to tickle fish occasionally. As a side note, should you forget about the McCloud River as she sleeps, here is an old picture from the archives dated 1918 of an angler with his Dolly Varden catch .... she is a different river now .... thanks to the dams.

Zen Thought .... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Dogpatch.... count your blessings and acknowledge your love ones .... embrace life and play more.

Feliz Navidad From Bob and The Ted Fay Fly Shop

She Needs Snow

USac Winter Colors

Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree


McCloud River 1918 Dolly Varden Catch

Wade At Your Own Risk

The Mother Lode Of Bakeries ... Gayle's Bakery Capitola,CA

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : December 5, 2013

As my father-in-law used to say "it's colder than a well diggers ass in the Klondike" here in Dogpatch. This paired with forecasted snow tomorrow means it is time to unveil the latest snow blowing technology made for Dogpatch. As you can see below this industrial size walk behind beast is going to put a major dent into any amount of snow we get .... bring it on.

Needless to say this cold snap has put a dent into what had been great fall fishing on the USac. I guided Billy a couple of days last week instructing him on the finer points of nymphing. This lad was a quick study, had "game" and good results were had almost from the get go. Most of his fish were taken on Jimmy legs, S&M and micro mayflies but he did stick a nice fish on a stimulator and rose a couple of others. There were still a few October Caddis out but this ice box weather I am sure has sent them to caddis heaven. Over the weekend my pal Boots and I fished mid river again with success as the shots show. This cold weather will put a lid on the bite but after the artic air mass moves out next week I see fishing picking up.

Recommended Bugs ..... Nymphs

  • Jimmy Legs #8-10
  • Mega Prince #4-10
  • Copper John (red & copper) #14-16
  • Soft Hackles #14-16
  • S&M #16-18
  • Gordon Prince #12-16
  • Micro Mayfly #16-18


  • Stimulator #6-10
  • Stacked Hackle #16-20
  • Para Adams #16-20

Billy's Beauty

Billy Hooked Up

Boots Getting It Done

Smile For The Camera

USac Beauty

USac Fall Serenity

This Is One Bad Boy

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Rick Coc



Ted Fay Report : November 21, 2013

Finally got some rain the last few days and a dusting of snow on the mountains. The McCloud River is now closed till April 26, 2014 but the Upper Sac remains open all winter to catch and release fishing. This river can offer up some great winter fishing with the chances of hooking a big bow good. Over the last few years since the regs began allowing winter fishing my experience has found that you are not going to necessarily get into big numbers of fish but your opportunity of getting into BIG fish is good. I had Terry and Larry out in the all day drizzle Tuesday around mid river and they hooked and landed some quality 16-18 in. rainbows nymphing. The river has not come up much since the rain and is very user friendly. Expect to see a few left over October Caddis (stimmie/dropper) and some beatis (small parachute adams/S&M) mid day.

Of late too I've been roaming the Klamath River looking for steelhead and swinging water. The river is experiencing a good return right now for those looking for the "tug". Also had time one day last week to fish the Rogue and was rewarded with this beauty queen. A little more rain and all steelhead rivers should take off. Remember the shop has the right steelhead accessories and flies for our Nor Cal rivers for those of you chasing the elusive beast.

Zen Thought .... Yogi Berraism ... If the world was perfect it would not be here.

Larry's 18 in. Rainbow

Klamath River Chromer On The Swing

Where's Da Steelie

Sexy Rogue Steelie

If yiou have any further questions please call the shop and when you are in the area stop in and say hello.

Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : November 10, 2013

Great fall weather continues here in Dogpatch but boy do we need rain. The predicted wet weather for next week has fizzled so forget the snowblower and lets play. The mystical, mythical October Caddis dance continues but the party is starting to end on both rivers. The McCloud River closes on Friday but the Upper Sac will remain open all winter for catch and release fishing.

Have been on the USac with clients all last week where the fishing remains solid on the entire river. Clients Greg, Tom, Mark, Bob and some character named Who Dat hooked into some quality bows as shown below. Fish were found in a variety of water types. The heavy water gave Tom this nice 17 in. rainbow, the transition water handed Greg this nice 17 in. bow and Mark found this 16 in. fatty in some pocket water. Bob also put his stealth skills to work targeting sippers on one of the rivers larger flats. Yesterday was crowded a bit (3 day weekend) but mid week last week was deserted. Am seeing fewer dinks now and more larger fish .... water temps in 40's so those little buggers are too cold to want to play.

The McCloud filled up with people as reported by my boots on the ground recon scouts on Friday. Reports described it as a Sims and gear guy hatch with anglers pouring into Ash Camp, Ah Di Na and the Conservancy chasing big brownies .... oh the humanity!! BEWARE of the redds, the browns are spawning and do not need harassing. Those fish and the river are going to need a rest by Friday. Smallish fish are being caught on both small dries and nymphs .... water clarity is high visibility so lighter tippet and stealth techniques are required.

Recommended Bugs .... Nymphs

  • Dirty Bird #8-12
  • Red Fox Squirrel #8-10
  • October Caddis Pupa #8-10
  • Plump Poopah #8-10
  • Jimmy Legs #4-14
  • LBS (dig back to a certain previous report)
  • Gordon Prince #14-16
  • Copper John (red & copper) #14-16
  • Tan or Olive Fox Poopah #14-16
  • Soft Hackles #14-16


  • Humpy #14-16
  • Adams #10-18
  • X-Caddis #8-14
  • E/C Caddis #14-16
  • Stimulator #8-14
  • PMD #14-16


Zen Thought of the Day ..... the real hard drug ... Dogwood Diner German Chocolate Cake

Greg's 17 in. Rainbow

Tom's Fish Being Held By Who Dat

Mark's 16 in. Fatty ... Note Translucent Tail

Bob Chasing Sippers

Bob Stalking Pocket Water

Mark's Big Boy

McCloud River About Ready To Hibernate

Sleep Tight Mother McCloud


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Rick Cox






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