Ted Fay Report : April 23, 2015

The McCloud River opens this coming Saturday April 25. A recent look see shows the river in purrrrfect shape. A fairly wet winter and a couple of VERY BIG storms scoured the river clean and flows are sweet. Just to put things in perspective the rain gauge at the McCloud dam is currently reading 52 inches of rain which is pretty close to normal. Creeks and springs are running now that were dry last year … the same holds true for the Upper Sac… great conditions! The silver lining here is that we do not have to put up with snow runoff thus giving everyone an early season of normal flows. The poison oak, Chaparall Iris and Dogwood are busting out and a nice little hatch of flying ants was observed (put on an ant pattern). Caution when wading there are still fresh redds (spawning beds) around!! The Upper Sac is fishing very good right now. A midday hatch of March Browns is occurring and the Salmonflies are starting to show in numbers as the afternoon progresses.

Recommended Bugs ..... Nymphs

Golden Stones #8-12
Jimmy Legs #4-10
Prince #8-16
Gordon Prince #14-16
Flashback PT #14-16
Copper John Copper & Red) #14-16
Soft Hackle #14-16
Micro Mayflies #16-18
S&M #16-18
Bird Nest #12-16
Silvey (Blk., Tan & Olive)#14-16

Dry Flies ....

Stimulator #8-14
Yellow Sally #14
Humpies #10-16
Parachute Adams #10-18





Chaparall Iris


Meet Mr. Poison Oak


Don’t Tread On Me



Flying Ant Hatch … Fish Love Them


Where's Da Fish

Where’s Da Fish


Upper Sac Love


From A Trouts Eye View

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Rick Cox





Ted Fay Report : April 9, 2015

The steelhead fishing is nearing its end right now but a few fish are around in the Upper Rogue and Upper Klamath. Anthony Carruesco one of Wild Waters guides reports …  Lower Sac has continued to kick out some great fishing over the past week. Still, we have yet to see the bigger hatches that the spring usually gives up. There are some spring Caddis still around, PMDs, March Browns and a few Salmonflies, but not in great numbers yet. Probably a symptom of the low water and more silt covering the gravel than usual.. Despite the lack of big bugs hatching the fish are still very healthy and eating well … The river is starting to light up! The Upper Sac continues to give up some nice fish. It is all about nymphing and getting your flies down this time of year. Midday seems to be best. Snow and rain a couple of days ago has bumped the river up but it is starting to drop and should be in good shape by the weekend. Both rivers will only continue to improve as Spring warms up.


Eric's USac Rainbow

Snow Day

Anthony Carruesco Wild Waters Fly Fishing LSac Rainbow

Lower Sac Anthony Carruesco Wild Waters Fly Fishing

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Rick Cox



Ted Fay Report : March 25, 2015

Dogpatch is currently enjoying some great spring weather and fishing around these parts. As March winds down the steelhead fishing is doing so also but those of us chasing them are still getting into some late winter runs on the Klamath, Rogue and Trinity. A recent trip with Miss P, aka Sparky, to a favorite little southern Oregon river produced her first steelie on a wet rainy day but that of course is steelhead fishing conditions. The Lower Sac is really turning on these days in Redding and the Wild Waters Fly Fishing guides have been kicking ass. I guided the Upper Sac 3 days last week and I have to say the river is starting to wake up. Steve Clowdsley and brothers Ian and Peter Simons got into some nice fish anywhere from mid to lower river. Flows are hanging around 550 cfs making it a larger river than used to so reading your water becomes important as opposed to what you are used to during the lower flows of summer. Nymphing is the method right now to produce fish and as I always preach get your bugs DOWN!! See my last report for recommended bugs.

Lower Sac Courtesy of Anthony Carruesco

Sparky's First Steelhead

Bright Winter Fish Courtesy Of Ron Hart

Steve Clowdsley USac Bow

Peter Hooked Up USac

Peter's USac Bow

Ian's USac Bow

Peter USac Bow Again

Ian's Nice USac Bow Again!!


A Thank You Kiss Courtesy of John Rickard Wild

Waters Fly Fishing

Lower Sac Fish On Courtesy of Anthony Carruesco

Wild Waters Fly Fishing

USac Ghost Fish


Swinging A Single Hand Courtesy of

Wild Waters Fly Fishing

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Rick Cox




Ted Fay Report : March 8, 2015

March has arrived here in Northern California/Southern Oregon and we are seeing the continuation of great steelhead fishing and the uptick in trout fishing on the Lower and Upper Sacramento Rivers. Blooming flowers and trees are offering a color show after their winter hibernation along with mild warmer days. Winter steelhead are continuing to reward those chasing them on the Klamath, Trinity, Rogue and various other streams feeding into the Pacific. Bob Grace, owner of the Ted Fay Fly Shop in Dunsmuir, and myself found these steelies on one of the nearby Southern Oregon rivers a few days ago. Steelhead fishing will continue to be solid through the month. The Lower Sac is beginning to light up and March signals the caddis hatch there. The Upper Sac has recently dropped into shape and is offering up some good sized trout hungry after their long winter. Recent days have produced hookups on some nice fish and it will only get better. The river is in excellent shape after the winter rains and flows are around 550 cfs which are very fishable.  Dust off that gear and get with it is my recommendation!

Recommended Bugs USac .....


  • Jimmy Legs #8-10
  • Mega Prince #4-10
  • Copper John (red & copper) #14-16
  • Soft Hackles #14-16
  • S&M #16-18
  • Gordon Prince #12-16
  • Micro Mayfly #16-18


  • Stimulator #6-10
  • Stacked Hackle #16-20
  • Para Adams #16-20

Bob Grace Winter Steelhead Southern OR

Uncle Bob AGAIN

And Rick Again

USAC Gin Clear and Scoured

USac Spawner On A Redd

Redbud On The Bloom

Lower Sac Rainbow Courtesy of Anthony Carruesco

Wild Waters Fly Fishing

Chromer 3

Chuck Volkenhausen Wild Waters Fly Fishing On

Coastal River

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Rick Cox



Ted Fay Report : February 13, 2015

Hallelujah there is hope, Dogpatch got hammered over this last weekend with about 12.5 inches of liquid gold from the sky ... nice to see it but does it all have to come at once in such large dumps in such a short period. Impressive rain fall totals to date around here ... McCloud Reservoir 48 inches, Girard Ridge 60 inches and Lake Siskiyou full ... pretty flippin good. Needless to say the Upper Sac is blown out...high and off color. On the other hand the upper Klamath is very fishable for drifting and swinging ...the steelies are there. The Wild Waters Fly Fishing boys continue to get their customers into the steelhead love as the winter fish arrive. Give the USac about another week to settle down as long as there are no other storms and it should be worth a shot.

Just for giggles I have recent shots of Lake Siskiyou (full and spilling) and Mt. Shasta (8 ft. of snow at 6800 ft. elevation) coupled with the same shots taken last year. We are definitely headed for a better water year up here this year ... don't know about you downstreamers though.

And for those who live vicariously through my fish porn enjoy the prestrom steelie shots courtesy of Wild Waters Fly Fishing.

Bunny Flat January 2014 (note the tree in the foreground)

Bunny Flat February 2015 (note the tree in the foreground)

Lake Siskiyou 2014

Lake Siskiyou 2015

Wild Waters Fly Fishing On The Coast

Coastal Chrome

Wild Waters Fly Fishing On The Klamath

Winter Steelhead Love

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Rick Cox



Ted Fay Report : January 30, 2015

Well Dogpatch fans what has started off as a promising winter weather wise here and for the rest of you left coasters has now morfed into another perhaps apocalyptic water supply year. No worries presently with all rivers happily flowing but the skinny snowpack that I look at every day ... especially lack of snow around the shack for the second straight year ...things are getting scarey. Hopefully Feb.- April brings love from the sky and from the Fish God.

Since my last post I have been putting some miles on the truck with visits to the Smith River (and Brookings), Big Sur (and Santa Cruz) and of course local rivers. Yes, it's not all about fishing, there are fewer things to enjoy such as pastries ... not that I am not a couple of donuts shy of 300 lbs. ... traveling for me is about the anticipation of what bakery gems towns may hold. Brookings has a sweet little hole in the wall off the radar place called Bakery By The Sea and Santa Cruz, specifically Capitola, has Gayle's the Holy Grail of bakeries. I highly recommend both whether spending a day on or a day off the river.

Recent steelhead trips continue to be productive. We continue to have a great Klamath and Rogue River season. The swinging has dropped off a bit but nymphing continues to be very good. My pals at Wild Waters Fly Fishing continue to produce great days for their clients drifting Nor Cal/Southern Oregon rivers, check them out... www.wildwatersflyfishing.com.

The Upper Sac has been fair to good fishing. Flows continue to hang around 600 cfs so expect bigger water than normal. Heavily weighted nymphs are producing best with some BWO action on selected floats. See my list of recommended flies for best results.

Recommended Bugs .....


  • Jimmy Legs #8-10
  • Mega Prince #4-10
  • Copper John (red & copper) #14-16
  • Soft Hackles #14-16
  • S&M #16-18
  • Gordon Prince #12-16
  • Micro Mayfly #16-18


  • Stimulator #6-10
  • Stacked Hackle #16-20
  • Para Adams #16-20

Zen Thought Of The Day .... I generally avoid temptation, unless I can't resist it.

The Bakery By The Sea

The Holy Grai ..Gayle's Capitola

Winter Chrome

South Fork Smith River

Only In Santa Cruz ... Butt Naked Motorcycle Riders

Mouth Of The Big Sur River ... Yes It Holds Steelhead ... Plus Amazing Surf

Boots On The Rogue River

Steelhead Jaws At Ya'll

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : January 9, 2015

The holiday season has come and gone here in Dogpatch. The very wet weather in November-Decenber moved into dry, very cold then into mild and sunny. The Upper Sac is running at 750cfs which we have not seen at this time of year for some time. These flows are fishable but realize it is a different river ... no high sticking pocket water kinda stuff. It's more of a long line nymphing thing or swinging streamers. I have not been fishing it because of what I will get into next but suffice it to say it is definitely worth a go during mid day.

Now to the juicy stuff. The Klamath River system has been experiencing one of its best steelhead returns in years. I have been on it a fair bit over the last few weeks and enjoying the fun of getting into these beasts doing the bobber thing and swinging. Windows ... windows of opportunity is what we look for in steelheading and the window has been open over the last couple of weeks ... it's all about the proper flows. It looks like this period will continue for at least another week or so until the next wet period ( I hear it is out there). All my buddy's who are drifting the K report great days lately. The lads at Wild Waters Fly Fishing report some crazy number days on their drift trips and even Bob Grace here at the shop got into the action the other day as you can see on a float he and I did with our pal Allan Blankenship. I also had Billy and Brad out experiencing their first go at steelheading and their smiles show the steelhead love. Now is the time to get out and play with these elusive beasts. Remember we can assist you with any needs you may have here at the shop chasing steelhead.

Bob Grace Klamath Love


Chasing The Beast

Billy's First Steelhead

Brad's Nice Steelie

Miss P's Mt. Shasta Shot ... Need More Snow!

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : December 13,2014

Purge, cleanse, detox .... whatever, the rivers got it from the recent storm. Impressive rain amounts of 8 in. at the McCloud Reservoir dam and almost 6 in. Mt. Shasta over a period of 36 hrs. produced flows of 13,000 cfs on the McCloud River and 30,000 cfs on the Upper Sacramento River. Checkout the shots courtesy of Steven Bertrand below in town when it peaked Thursday and by me of the shots the following day at Sweetbriar and Sims. Needless to say no fishing is to be had for awhile with more storms forecast this coming week. It is all good though, it is a good start to building up that water bank account so we can hopefully have a normal fishing season next year unlike the last few.

Can share one fish pic though. A quick trip to the Klamath the day before stormagedon hit swung up this nice chromer. Otherwise all I have to offer is .....for those of you who at this time of the year ... actually any time ... have their meter for sweets twitching like a seismograph I am including some medicinal shots of the goods for your perverted pleasure. LIVE LIFE LARGE!

Butterfly Avenue 30,000 cfs

Butterfly Avenue Almost Going Over The Top

Sweetbriar At 9000 cfs

Sims At 9000 cfs

Klamath Steeelie

Bev's Killa Pecan Pie

Donut Porn

OMG My Veins Are Twitching

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : November 21, 2014

Yes, we are wrapping up the "traditional" trout season here in Dogpatch and are now rolling over to our winter season. It was memorable for some of the wrong reasons. The McCloud River had a bit of the ole stink unfortunately with its historic mud flow issue coming off Mt. Shasta and the ensuing impact on the fishing. How this plays out for the river in years to come is a big question. For now suffice it to say the McCloud River is now CLOSED to all fishing until the opener next year on April 25, 2015 ... stay tuned. The Upper Sac also suffered through a historic drought year but managed to survive and most importantly the fish survived. The recent October rains this fall was like a Mike Tyson blow to the head to the fish and some stellar days were had by clients. The rain continues as I write this so hopefully the D word leaves the house. Remember the USac remains open all winter to catch and release artifical only fishing. Unlike some opinions this river can rock your socks for excellent midday fishing all winter .... when the river is not blown.

The USac report shows good fishing after rains when it is dropping. Baetis hatches are sporadic but when they occur be ready with your favorite BWO pattern. Nymphing will offer more opportunities ... think seams, mid runs, tailouts ... crowds are nil.

Of course I start chasing steelhead on my own at this time packing both the spey and the nymph rod. Recent trips to the Klamath and to the Trinity have produced. Note the hog Ronnie Hart tapped into on the Trinity the other day. We had an epic time with fellow guide Mike Hibbard who knows the Trinity better than his wife. I pulled off a Trinity Grand Slam .... steelies, brownie, Coho and sucker. Tip my hat to you Mike.

A recent party at Wayne Eng's house honoring November birthdays (happy BD Bob, Myrna, Miss P, etc.) and the close of another trout sea on was held with much fanfare, revelry and copius bullshitting. Great evening and excellent company.

Zen Thought .... Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be thankful and grateful for all you have, for family and friends. Life is a present and we all live in the present!

Pete USac Fish On

Ronnie's Trinity Hog

Swinging On The Klamath

Birthday/End Of Season Party


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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : November 6, 2014

Quick note, the McCloud River is starting to clear enough now that I would say give it a go. Visibility is around 2 ft. and it shows signs of clearing. The few reports I have gotten are fish are being caught. I say get on it cause the seaon ends November 15.


Ted Fay Report : October 28, 2014

Snow on Mt. Shasta and good shots of much needed rain along with spectacular fall colors is making the perfect recipe for fishing right now around Dogpatch ... except for the poor McCloud River. Unfortunately as I had speculated ... rain and the state of Mud Creek producing surges of mud down the creek, into the reservoir and out the bottom of the dam mucking up the river to the point where it just aint possible to effectively fish it. Just when it shows signs of clearing another storm rolls in and the cycle starts all over. We need the rain but unfortunately the fish gods, as a sacrifice, have taken the McCloud from us. My guess too is we will be up against this next season given the debri field along mud creek and up on the mountain .... sad news for McCloud devotees.

The sweet news though is the Upper Sac is giving up some of the best fall fishing I have seen in years. Good numbers and big fish don't get any better. The wet October this year is the culprit and I say thank you .... enjoy the fish porn. The bite seems to shift day to day. Some days a.m. other days p.m.. Nymphing has produced bigger fish but a stimulator with a red copper john gets you in the game too. Another storm is forecast Friday so this weekend should be on your calendar. The river is in a happy place ... higher flows and a good flush ... AWESOME! And another hint ... the booger abides.

Recommended bugs ... see October 2 report.

Mid October Snow ... Keep It Coming

Tony's 18 incher

Billy's Chunky Fall Bow

Fall Is Here

Biggest Oyster Mushroom I've Seen

Don's USac Bow

Matt's USac Pig

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : October 21, 2014

Rain and snow on Mt. Shasta, what a great start to fall here so far and more forecast the next 7 days ... we will take what what we can get. Unfortunately the McCloud has gone out again which I thought it would. The pictures tell the sad story, only time and mother nature have control on when we can get back on this river. The Upper Sac on the other hand is enjoying the rain. The fishing remains good and the fall colors are spectacular. The October Caddis are cruising throughout the day so if you are inclined put on a big stimulator (with dropper) and try and tickle a fish to come up. Nymphing though will produce more fish, they are chowing down now in preparation for winter. Hint ... think caddis emergers right now.


See my October 2 report for reccommended bugs.


Got Snow

Pitiful McCloud

Chalkyyyyyy McCloud

Pat's USac Rainbow

Pie Porn ... Coconut Banana Cream Pie

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Rick Cox



Ted Fay Report : October 11, 2014

Just completed one week of my annual "trout heaven" gig at the unspecified top secret my lips are sealed nearby river where the fish annihilate big bushy size 8-10 dries ... living the dream.

Enough, to the McCloud River. You can fish it but be careful is my story. As the pictures show it has improved but visibility is 1-2 feet and flows are normal. If this trend continues my guess is things will steadily improve and we should get a few weeks in of what is left of the season .... November 15. It will stay turbid though so wading caution is advised. What this has done to the bugs I do not know right now so be prepared with a full arsenal of flies ... this event is a game changer.

The Upper Sac has slowed a bit from last report but is still fishing good. Reports of fish being caught are in from the entire river. The October Caddis are out and about, particularly in the evening so get those big stimulators ready .... use a dropper off of them for upping your chances. Reports of PMD, Betas, and Caddis hatches are also coming in. The river is a bit low but not affecting the fishing. You will find fish in all the usual fishy spots if you are patient ... forget the cast and charge method. Showers forecast next week will only enhance the fishing plus we need the rain.


See my last report for recommended bugs.


Milky ... Better Than Brown

Caution Wading

1-2 Feet Visibility

Got Quad

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Rick Cox



Ted Fay Report : October 2, 2014

Here is the latest on the McCloud River situation and it is not pretty. As you can see by the pictures below the river is coffee with a bit of cream. It will be a few weeks if not longer before you and the fish can see a thing. Note too the amount of debris deposited in Mud Creek. These pictures were taken at the Pilgrim Creek Road bridge which is about 8 miles from where the creek enters McCloud Reservoir. This material over time will deposit into the creek during heavy rains so this may not be a short term event ... time will tell. For a lot of you and us guides along with local fly shops this could not come at a worse time ... our fall season.

But the good news for what it is worth is that the USac is fishing very good. I have not been able to say this for some time so take note ... and look below at the pics. The entire river from Delta up to Ney Springs has fished great since the rain last week for me and my clients. Some of these were big hot fish that schooled some and rewarded those who knew the drill. The nights now are colder, the water temps have dropped and last weeks rain made the perfect recipe for the bite to turn on. It is still pretty much a nymphing affair but I have to say too the last two mornings I have seen fish rising to baetis at mid river. Fish can be found in riffled water, throughout runs, in the happy water and at the heads of pools. The flats will show off the sippers working on the baetis. My advise is get this river on your calendar sooner than later. Btw checkout the shot of the early October Caddis shucks ... they are back!

Recommended Bugs .... Nymphs

  • Dirty Bird #8-12
  • Red Fox Squirrel #8-10
  • October Caddis Pupa #8-10
  • Plump Poopah #8-10
  • Jimmy Legs #4-14
  • LBS (dig back to a certain previous report)
  • Gordon Prince #14-16
  • Copper John (red & copper) #14-16
  • Tan or Olive Fox Poopah #14-16
  • Soft Hackles #14-16


  • Humpy #14-16
  • Adams #10-18
  • X-Caddis #8-14
  • E/C Caddis #14-16
  • Stimulator #8-14
  • PMD #14-16

Mud Creek Before The Event

Mud Creek After The Event

The Annual USac Brown Trout

Gene's USac Fatty

Frank's USac Rainbow

USac 18 Incher

Early October Caddis Arrivals

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Rick Cox



Ted Fay Report : September 22, 2014

Back from Montana. Not my first visit but was my longest... 4 weeks. No bravado, no puffed chest, no hero shots (unless you followed the blog). Just get off your butts and do it.

Now the ugly news for those who have not already heard. The McCloud River is major toast once again thanks to global warming or the pissed off Lemurians. This is the largest event like this I have seen in my 30 years fishing it and it looks like this will be lasting for quite a long time. Check out the video and news links ....

On the other hand the USac is fishing good from the recent reports I have received. I will post further details soon.

Rick Cox




Ted Fay Report : Sept 20, 2014

Fall fishing is starting. The weather is cooling off a bit and the river water tempratures are dropping. This has started up the falll feeding. Stilll little or no dry fly fishing but the nymphing is getting better.
Larger fish are starting to show up in the catches being reported by anglers. Best fishing is the Upper Sac. The McCloud is still off-color with visablilty at Ash Camp reported to be in the 1-2 foot range, and a little bit better at Ah-Di-Na.
A few anglers have been fishing the river and reporting fair catch rates. So fish can be had on the McCloud and the crowds are non-existant.
Weather report says we are entering a cooling trend and there is a chance of rain starting Wednesday thru next week-end.
That should really help the fishing, while it can be a little uncomfortable fishing in the rain it can also produce a great bite.
There is a good chance the cloudy weather coming up will kick start the Fall/winter BWO hatch and get us some mid-day dry fly action.

Philip's fish

Here is Philip with a nice fish.

Philip missed the fish

And Philip after missing a really nice fish with the net.


Steven Bertrand




Ted Fay Report : Sept 2, 2014

Well, That was short lived. The McCloud has returned to it's prior off-color state.

As of today (Tuesday) visibility is 2 to 2 1/2 feet again.

Fish can be caught but wading deeper that your knees is challenging.


Ted Fay Report : August 30, 2014

The McCloud River has cleared up and is fishable.Visability is about 5 feet, which is normal for this time of the year. On the other hand the smoke from the July and Happy camp fires is very bad in Dunsmuir right now. We are hoping of a shift in the wind direction to clear the air.


Steven Bertrand





Ted Fay Report : August 24, 2014

Fishing lately has been fair on both the McCloud and Upper Sacramento Rivers. The Dog Daze are still gripping us and I am getting cabin fever so the hell with it, time to pack up and head out for some me fishing ahead of the busy fall season. Will leave tomorrow for the North Umqua and then to Montana thus the Dogpatch report will be on hiatus for about a month. If you would like to follow the adventures of myself myself, Buster and Uncle Fester you can peruse my rudimentary blog on Word Press at ....

As I always say life is short, live your dream. See you wadered up on the Missouri River.

Futures So Bright Gotta Wear Shades

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Rick Cox



Ted Fay Report : August 13, 2014

Fires all over Dogpatch have created smoky daze but the great effort by the firefighters have conditions improving .... can actually see the top of Mt. Shasta again. I would term the fishing currently as fair on both the USac and McCloud Rivers but if you are into blackberries the picking is red hot!!

Trips for me on the USac recently have produced some good fishing for my students who were seeking a merit badge in nymphing. John, Edgar, Randy and Laura each beginners had a few days of Nymphing 101 with me with smiles and fist bumps showing their appreciation. The best fishing now is from Sims upstream to Cantara Loop. The river is low but not bad and the fish are seeking the cooler water provided here. Dunsmuir is offering its "bonus fish" program so along with DF&G truck trout you have a good opportunity to get into fish ... perfect for you beginners to learn how to play and release fish. Fish the oxygenated water or deep in the runs and pools for best results. There is a 10 minute "evening frenzy" hatch right at dark of small mayflies and caddis. Fishing "LBS" flies (check in at the shop) is the ticket when nymphing.

The McCloud is showing signs of clearing. Visibility is 2 - 2 1/2 ft. but the rocks are very, very slimey from the mud event a month ago. I did a recon the other day and managed to pickup a few fish in a booming thunderstorm .... memories of WY and MT. Given these water conditions unless you know the river it will be tough fishing. Good news she is clearing but she is not quite ready yet.

Hubba Hubba Blackberry Porn

Randy First Time Fly Fishing

Laura First Fish On A Fly

Coffee Creek Fire

Smokey Sunset

Clearing But ...... Be Patient

Hooked Up On McCloud

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : July 29, 2014

It is about time I guess for the current fishing report from Dogpatch which may have a bit of the ole embellishment mixed with a little smoke up your buttocks. Its not pretty especially with the McCloud River in a pickle with its glacial muck but it is what it is. The only choice bucko is the Upper Sacramento River which frankly has been slow but can surprise you as shown below by Micah's wild brute. Micah did a perfect channeling of Brad Pitt running and dancing around rocks as the beast ripped downstream peeling line. Maintaining a good tight line and still in control she sprinted with it into a pool about 200 feet downstream. She played it beautifully from there and steered it into my BIG net sealing the deal... damn thing looks like a steelhead .... me thinks it is a lake run. As mentioned though USac fishing has been poopy. It has been a hot summer (wet wading recommended) which doesn't help, coupled with low flows this is not a good formula. To have any success this time of year you must either fish deep in the runs and pools or target the heavy oxygenated water. Mid day is tough so get out early and late, who knows you may get a surprise like Micah. BTW this was taken on a size 16 "LBS". BTW2 the lower river is WARM ... best for small mouth bass which can be fun.

Elizabeth First Fish On A Fly

Micah aka Brad Pitt

Hot Fun In The Summer Time ... Micah!

McCloud River STILL Chalky

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Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report July 27, 2014

Here is an update on the McCloud River .... it is slooooowly clearing with visibility around a foot to a foot and a half. Wading is iffy for those who do not know the river and not recommended. Oh, and the fishing is slooooow. Enjoy the Koniwakiton Glacier shots and patiently wait for the river to clear more.

McCloud River Sloooowly Clearing

McCloud River Ash Camp

Koniwakiton Glacier

If you have any further questions call the shop and when you are in the area stop in and say hello.

Rick Cox


Ted Fay Report : July 18, 2014

A lot of you have heard by now but for those who have not the McCloud River has blown out due to a glacial spill on Mt. Shasta creating a large pulse of muddy water channeling down Mud Creek and into the McCloud River at the top end of the reservoir. This is one of the largest events like this to occur and is most likely a result of the extended high temps and skinny snow cover at the higher elevations on the mountain. Below is a statement from PG&E in its regard and some accompanying photos and I will continue updates as time passes so stay tuned.........

I am currently the assigned License Coordinator on PG&E’s McCloud-Pit Project.  We were recently alerted to a developing situation on the McCloud River system.  Turbid water on the McCloud River is being caused by mud flows from Mud Creek.  During dry years, the Konwakiton (Mud Creek) glacier on the south side of Mount Shasta is very exposed with the low snow accumulation and the excessive glacier melt begins carving through deep ash deposits on the mountain.  This “river of mud” is a natural occurrence during low snow years and has occurred seven times in the past 100 years.  The worst occurrences were in 1924, 1926 and 1930, all very dry years.


Mud Creek flows into the McCloud River upstream of PG&E’s McCloud Reservoir (see attached photo taken by PG&E this morning).  As the muddy water is heavier, it flows to the bottom of the reservoir and is spilled out of the dam’s lower outlets.  However, the reservoir is showing signs of increased turbidity near the surface. 



Mud Creek Spilling Into McCloud River Above Reservoir

Konwakiton Glacier

McCloud River Between Dam and Ash Camp

This Sucks!!

Thank you to PG&E for the use of their pictures


Ted Fay Report : July 15, 2014

The 4th of July Mt. Shasta extravaganza has come and gone. The area population over the holiday quadrupled at least (hide the kids) and festivities over the 3 day weekend were awesome. Mt. Shasta's famous walk and run followed by its one of a kind home town parade this year featuring its founder Dr. Jim Parker as grand marshall was a hit. Unfortunately Dr. Jim's battle with Parkinsons was lost 3 days later ... a local legend in deed will be missed but boy did he nail his bucket list over the last couple of years. Local music, BBQ, and fireworks helped make grand this celebration of our independence and freedom.

Dogpatch currently is so hot I saw 2 trees fighting over a dog;. Fishing recently for me has been clients seeking instruction on the Upper Sac. This river offers a great venue for instruction for complete novices to experienced anglers and I say there is something to be learned regardless of what you think you know ... believe me I still learn things after 40 years at this .... anyone who says or thinks they have it nailed is fooling themselves. At this stage of the game satisfaction to me is seeing the bust out smile and giggly laugh that the first fish on a fly brings or the shear panic and scream of "what do I do" and the ensuing fire drill that goes with fighting and landing the fish. Enjoy the shots of Katie, David, Tami, Marly, Gabe and Jeff below and of course the smiles.

The fish this time of year on the USac and McCloud are mostly holding in the faster, heavier water and near the bottom. Thus the ole adage " git r down". Mornings and evenings are best and results will come with the reliable LBS bugs. The USac offers some very early a.m. and late p.m. top action but if the sun is on the water forget it. The Mac is mainly an evening affair for dry fly fishing or you might think about throwing a dry/dropper into a shady spot or two midday. It is the dog daze so don't let the sun mess with your head, the fish are there ... be patient and work it. For you doubters both rivers have plenty of water. This is the time of the year I prefer wet wading the USac but on the other hand the Mac is a bit too cold for my bones. A refreshing dip mid afternoon always helps on either.

Recommended bugs .... see my June 25 report.

4th of July BBQ

4th of July Garage Band

Katie First Fish On A Fly

Tami On USac

Marly USac

Gabe Casting Instruction

David First Fish On A Fly USac

Drug Overdose

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Rick Cox



Ted Fay Report : June 25, 2014

Been busier than a fork in Chris Christie's house these days in Dogpatch .... it's June so deal with it. The fishing on both rivers is starting to fish like mid summer so I so I am officially announcing it is that time of the season to start the nymphing drill with the ever popular "LBS" or as we call them in Dogpatch "Little Black Shit" bugs if you want to catch fish on both rivers .... see below for my once a year list of must haves for the dog daze of summer.

Briefly the McCloud River still lives up to its nickname this time of the year ... The McCrowd. It's crazy, I am seeing people wade through the fishy holding water .... what's worse and this burns my ass, camping out on a run pounding it to death for hours ... come on kids it aint Dunsmuir, it is the McCloud River ... explore it, enjoy it, play in its playground and do not hog the swing. As a consequence the fishing has dropped off in the more popular areas so be prepared to hike and bushwack to get fish. The McCloud fish get smart and wise after seeing an army of anglers slapping and splashing away. I suspect the river will continue to show pressure through the 4th. Evenings are the best time with the tail end of the Golden Stones doing their thing. Also you will see a small mayfly and caddis hatch the last couple of hours.

The Upper Sac has been fair to good. The best fishing is in the morning and evening. Again stones are still out from mid river up to Ney Springs. Fish have shown a tend an cy to be more on the quick grab so be ready to set at the slightest indication. Lower river water temps are up to 70 midday which is not good so fish it either a.m. or p.m. before the sun gets on it.

Zen Thought Of The Day ....

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.


LBS (as follows)

Dark Lords #14-16

Soft Hackles #14-16

S&M #16-18

Zebra Midge #18-20

Rock Worm #18

FBPT #16-18

Micro Mayfly (blk.) #16-18

Recommended Bugs ..... Nymphs

Jimmy Legs #4-10

Gordon Prince #14-16

Possie Bugger #8-10

Copper John (red & copper) #14-16



X-Caddis #16

EC Caddis #16

Parachute Adams #14-16

Stimulator #8-14

Nice Smile and Nice Fish

McCloud Tiger Lily




Caroline First Fish On A Fly

Dennis 15 in. Rainbow

The HARD Drugs

If you have any further questions please call the shop and if you are in the area stop in and say hello.

Rick Cox








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