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Guide Notes

Ted Fay Report : May 12, 2017

Rick Cox


The Upper and Lower Sac are running big but fish are being caught. The Lower Sac went back up to 13,000cfs over the weekend but the fish did not seem to be bothered. It’s a great time to be out on it while the temps are mild. A recent trip on it used a combo of running drifts from the boat and getting out to fish buckets and side channels …. very effective and cooling. The Upper Sac remains high due to the melt but targeting the edges will be your best bet. It’s running north of 2000cfs but keep an eye on it, once she drops below that benchmark many more locations open up. The McCloud River has been seeing dam releases bouncing around from 900cfs to 550cfs and is currently back up to 800cfs. Once again snow melt is the culprit here. It’s is all about the edges still, the fish want that path of least resistance where their food is easier pickings.


If you have any further questions please call the shop and when you are in the area pop in and bug Bob.


Rick Cox