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Guide Notes

Ted Fay Report : May 22, 2019

Rick Cox


It’s been quite the dance this past week with all the rain and even a bit of snow. However we have been making things work . It’s been about putting on the raincoat and dealing with the increased flows. We’ve seen some spectacular fish come to the net and even the dry fly has been working.

The McCloud River

The river has seen its fair share of recent rain , the gauge at the dam registered 7 inches since last week. Releases out the dam bumped up but are starting to decrease. The river is still high running at 700 cfs but fish can be found. It continues to drop slowly and the forecast after this Memorial Day weekend is for great spring weather. Also we are seeing another start to a good brownie year, they are even gobbling dries. You want to be here, the Golden Stones will be busting out soon along with the Mayflies and Caddis. Give us a shout for Prime Time NOW!

McCloud 2.jpg
McCloud 1.jpg

The Upper Sacramento River

The river has been bouncing aroundover the last week but has just dropped below 3000cfs and is heading south rapidly.. She’s a beast but its all about the edges and soft spots. Best to fish areas where it spreads out rather than the tight narrow ones you normally would fish. Be prepared to see a completely different landscape in the lower river from the Delta Fire cleanup, fortunately though the river itself survived but the memories of before and after the fire has changed her appearance dramatically. Again here we expect a big turn around next week, June should be dynamite!


Give us a shout, we have a lot of availabilty and our McCloud and Upper Sacramento guides are some of the best around.


Rick Cox


P.S. If you have any frther questions give Bob a shout and when you are in the area stop in and bug him.