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Guide Notes

Ted Fay Report : June 13, 2019

Rick Cox


The Upper Sacramento River

The river flows are now just south of 1000 cfs. These flows allow added access locations and as the river continues to drop additional spots will open up. It has been a crazy spring for the river but we are starting to see a shift to normalcy and it will continue to get better as each day passes. We have been drifting it along with walk wade trips and the fishing has been surprisingly good to excellent. Best bets right now are chasing the Golden Stone hatch that’s been occurring in the evenings along with their buddies the yellow sallies, caddis and mayflies. Be prepared for some great evening dry fly fishing and stay out till dark thirty. Of course day time nymphing has been good, remember these fish haven’t been harassed much this spring so the spockability meter isn’t high.


The McCloud River

The McCloud flows are juicy good. The entire river is back to its normal summer type flows and is fishing very good. Now is the time to be on it for some great June (one of the best months) action. Like the USac this river is prime time with the Goldens and Salmonflies dancing around. Expect to have very clear visibility so get your stealth game on. Crowds are starting to show up for the McCrowd but don’t let that stop you. Similar advise here, evenings are PRIME time for you dry fly aficionados and day time nymphing is good with bugs such as Dark Lords, Gordon Princes and good ole soft hackles.


Fall River

Recently spent some time at Fall River, not fishing but just enjoying my brothers gorgeous place. This is a magical time to take in Fall and its beauty plus enjoy the great fishing.


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Rick Cox